Tracer Study

The university performs a graduate user satisfaction survey in addition to the tracer study. The findings are then used by study programs to change the curriculum and learning process in order to conform to market expectations. According to the BEEd's poll from 2021, 77.8% of graduates had good problem-solving skills, 77.8% had high integrity, and 77.8% had good leadership qualities. According to the tracer study, 68.2 percent of BEEd graduates could find work in less than three months. 45.5 percent of BEEd graduates work in government agencies (including state schools/universities/BUMN), 22.7 percent in private schools/universities, 18.2 percent in national private companies, 9.1 percent in local/regional private companies, and 4.5 percent in non-profit organizations/non-governmental organizations, according to the work field (NGOs). The data demonstrate that BEEd graduates have a high rate of employability.

We genuinely need information from alumni for curriculum enhancement, enhancing the quality of management and services, and preparing graduates of the Bachelor of Economic Education at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta for employment. As a result, we ask for your willingness to complete the online alumni questionnaire here.

The contents of the questionnaire will be kept confidential by us. As a result, we request that Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. complete the questionnaire in accordance with the actual situation.



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