Security is an important thing that is the need of every human being. The rise of crimes such as theft, robbery to kidnapping is very disturbing to the public. Various prevention and anticipation efforts have been made, such as installing CCTV, Security Guards (Satpam) but crimes still occur. Meanwhile, not a few perpetrators were not caught because of the lack of information about the perpetrators of the crime.

Starting from these problems, an idea was born by UNY students including Giffari (FT), Ridho (FT), Ghina (FT), Khusnul (FE) and Difta (FE) to make a security device in the form of a unique keychain with cartoon characters but has technology which is able to help provide information when our valuable objects such as bags and vehicles are taken by irresponsible people or when we lose track of our senile grandparents or children who leave without their parents knowing.

The technology-based security tool is named Indostech (Indonesian Security Technology) which competes in the 2018 Student Creativity Program (PKM-K). Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, Micro USB 5V, GPS NEO-6M, Li-Po 150mAh battery that can last up to 3 days and Account synchronization where this keychain will be connected to a smartphone that has the Indostech application installed.

The way this tool works is by providing information where the keychain is located, and being able to sound an alarm on the keychain can all be accessed through the application. So this tool will make it easier to search for lost items or find the person we are looking for.