UNY students won 1st place in LKTI Coostal Planning Planopolis organized by the ITS Surabaya Planology Student Association. In this competition, the UNY team was represented by Shilvina Widi Irsanti (Economic Education 2013), Eryan Dwi Susanti (Economic Education 2013) and Ahmad Agung Masykuri (Geography Education 2013).

The National Scientific Writing Competition, which is a biennial event, has the theme "Sustainable Coastal Planning" with the sub-themes of Coastal Reclamation, Minapolitan, Coastal Resource Management, Waterfront City, Coastal Economics and Coastal Disaster Mitigation. Final LKTI Costal Planing Planopolis ITS 2015 was held on Saturday, April 18 2015 at the Robotics Building ITS Surabaya

At this prestigious event, three UNY students presented a work entitled "Optimizing Fisherman Insurance to Relieve Poverty to Realize an Independent Indonesia on the Yogyakarta Coast". According to the team, the current problem is that many fishermen are still below the poverty line and there is no guarantee of life for their future. For this reason, the three students wanted to develop an Insurance Program for Fishermen. The idea emerged from the Indonesian ministry of maritime axis independent program designed by President Joko Widodo.

Shilvi, the team leader expressed her gratitude for the achievements, especially because they were the only team that brought up the social theme (coastal economic policy) while the other team raised the theme of technology. "Alhamdulillah, even though our team raised the theme of social economic policy on the coast, in the end, we were able to win. We can prove that our scientific background is not an obstacle for us to continue working,” he said.

In this competency, the 10 finalists who competed came from universities in Indonesia such as ITB, ITS, UGM, UNY and IPB. The UNY team won first place, followed by the Surabaya Institute of Technology as the second winner and the third place was won by Gajah Mada University. In addition to this activity, the Planopolis Coostal Planning event also held a Plan Expo, ITS PWK Final Project Exhibition, Coostal Planning Videography and Photography, National Amazing Race and 3D Mading SMA/SMK throughout East Java. (shilvi)