Saturday, September 12, 2020 HIMA Economic Education held a PPSMB at the Department level. The activity is carried out online through googlemeet which starts at 07.00 until 12.00. The new students seemed enthusiastic to follow. This year, the theme of PSSMB Economic Education Department took the theme of Sociopreneur. The talkshow presented resource person Arin Mamlakah Kalamika, M.Si, a lecturer and sociopreneur practitioner from UIN Sunan Kalijaga. The resource person said that entrepreneurship to overcome social problems is a realistic concept. While social problems are opportunities. So don't hesitate to start just because the ecosystem in Indonesia doesn't support it yet,” he said in delivering the material.

Socipreneur material is interesting for students. It was proven that the students were enthusiastic about asking and discussing. One of the participants asked how to manage time so that lectures can continue, but social entrepreneurship can also work? This interesting question received a good response, until the questioner received a door prize from. The resource person explained that the main key in time management is consistency. Be consistent in setting targets and following the Steps with enthusiasm and a cheerful heart. Everything will be done, "explained the source.

A great hope was conveyed by Aula Ahmad Hafidz Saiful Fikri, Secretary of the Economics Education Study Program, that with the PSSMB, students will become acquainted with the big family of Economic Education and be able to adapt in every activity, both academic and non-academic, especially those that are held online. So that students are expected to be able to independently manage time, organize themselves to be able to adapt to study in college.