This week the PPG SM3T Economic Education Study Program has entered the Peer Teaching Practice stage for SSP (Subject Specific Pedagogy) 2. In its implementation, the 22 PPG participants were divided into 2 groups with each participant doing 2 rounds of practice. This SSP 2 peer teaching practice is the end of a series of SSP 2 learning implementations, because previously participants had gone through workshops on preparing lesson plans, teaching materials, media, and an assessment system and presentation of work results. Until the PPG activity ends, participants will prepare learning tools and peer teaching practices for 6 SSPs and a Classroom Action Research proposal.

Barkah Lestari, M.Pd, manager of PPG-SM3T Economic Education Study Program, stated that in the implementation of peer teaching during PPG activities, the instructors involved besides lecturers were also involved with partner school teachers where the participants would carry out internships next semester. The existence of civil servant teachers is expected to be able to provide more insight for participants, especially related to information regarding the actual implementation of teaching and learning activities in schools. (drw)