In the framework of the 48th Anniversary of Yogyakarta State University, a National Seminar on People's Economy was held at the Auditorium of FE UNY by presenting Drs. Helmi Yahya, MBA and Prof. Hendrawan Supratikno, Ph. D, as a speaker. Helmi Yahya is known as an entrepreneur and quiz king on many televisions, while Prof. Hendrawan is an academic as well as a Member of Commission VI DPR RI. The National Seminar took the theme "Revitalization of People's Economic Development Supported by Excellent Entrepreneurial Spirit". The National Seminar on People's Economy which was held on Saturday, April 7, 2012 was attended by approximately 300 participants from both inside and outside UNY.

In his remarks the Vice Dean I of FE UNY who also represented the Dean, Dr. Moerdiyanto, M.Pd expressed his hope that after this seminar, he would be able to provide insight, spirit, and motivate lecturers and students to become entrepreneurs. Supporting what was conveyed by the Deputy Dean I, Vice Chancellor I of UNY, Prof. Dr. Nurfina Aznam, SU, Apt also expressed the same hope. After this seminar, participants can do real things that can advance the nation and state, and highlight the characteristics of the Faculty of Economics with its people's economy.

In his presentation Prof. Hendrawan conveyed the issue of globalization, the people's economy and the vitality of entrepreneurship. In addition, Hendrawan also explained the concept of people's economy which is now being promoted by the Faculty of Economics of UNY to become a competitive advantage. Where the people's economy in question is an economic system that institutionalizes the people's economic sovereignty. To realize a people's economy, it needs to be supported by an entrepreneurial spirit, which includes the characteristics of being willing to take risks, having the ability to create opportunities and having a nature that is not easily satisfied with what has been achieved. In the seminar, Prof. Hendrawan closed his presentation with a Japanese proverb which reads, “Yoi Kangai, Yoi Shina” which means positive thoughts will produce positive things as well.

Support what Prof. said. Hendrawan, Helmi Yahya put more emphasis on how to become an entrepreneur. In his presentation Helmi Yahya said that being smart is not enough to become an entrepreneur. There are several mistakes that are often made by smart people, namely not trusting others, tending to be arrogant and overly calculating, so they often fail to become an entrepreneur. In closing, Helmi Yahya, who received more than 25 awards, conveyed several tips to become an entrepreneur, including: self-suggestion to be successful, have dreams, dare to try and fail and dare to be creative. (line)