Lecturer Activities Outside Campus: Teacher Scientific Writing Training at MTsN 4 Bantul

MTsN 4 Bantul has the advantage of a madrasa with the motto "Research, Tahfidz, Academic". Various efforts to realize this motto, one of which is by establishing cooperation with the Yogyakarta State University Economic Education Study Program. The program in 2021 has training activities for writing scientific papers with the target of madrasa students, and in 2022 this training is given to madrasa teachers. This is in an effort to build integration between the skills of compiling scientific work of teachers and students.

In 2022, training activities will focus on improving 4C skills (creative, critical, collaborative and Communication Skills). The modality off compiling scientific work is the sensitivity of the teacher when seeing problems in the classroom. It takes critical thinking in observing and creativity in finding solutions to solving problems in class. The collaboration of cognate teachers also has an impact on the formulation of problem solving. Of course, the end of the research is solving problems in the classroom and producing scientific article outputs that can also be used by teachers to support a promotion portfolio.

Through this activity, several teachers have succeeded in producing research in their classrooms in the form of Action Research. In her speech, Ms. Siti Solichah, S.Ag as the head of the Madrasah, is very supportive of this program. This program is expected to improve the skills of teachers in conducting research in the classroom and be able to produce scientific articles to support the promotion of teachers in MTsN 4 Bantul. In addition, this activity also supports the implementation of the Yogyakarta State University IKU.

The activity became more interesting after Mrs. Teguh Rahayu as Deputy Head of Madrasah and several other teachers presented scientific work proposals and were given input by reviewers such as Bambang Suprayitno, S.E., M.Sc, Tejo Nurseto, S.Pd., M.Pd, Ahmad Chafid Alwi , S.Pd., M.Pd., and Drs. Supriyanto, MM.

Presentation Session by Bu Teguh

Title of scientific work:

Input from Mr. Alwi: The use of the “voice note” tool in google docs can help during the presentation process so it is hoped that it will increase confidence. Conceptually, a well-organized mind will easily be contained in a systematic presentation of scientific work. In this session, Mr. Alwi gave a way to overcome the obstacles in the content of thoughts in writing and looking for references through Google Scholar in the last 5 years. Then, he also suggested setting the time in the Google Scholar section which can be filtered according to time.

Input from Mr. Supriyanto: The background in the TOD is made to convex downwards. Then the CAR problem is basically learning not on student learning outcomes. The most important thing is the novelty of the literature and references. In the main source section the reference tolerance is the last 5 years. Card media must have a broad study. The reference for research must be from expert opinion or government regulations. The principle in CAR must be collaboration, therefore collaboration between teachers needs to be done.

Presentation Session by Mr. Kaharjo

Title of Scientific Work: Application of group counseling with self-management techniques to improve student discipline in procrastination behavior in class VII MTS N 4 Bantul in the 2022/2023 school year

The number of students' indiscipline in learning and doing assignments. The success of education can be determined from students, teachers, and learning media. Based on PISA data, the classroom atmosphere is very influential on learning concentration and achievement. Complaints that teachers get are about undisciplined work. Several steps have been taken but to no avail. The student disciplinary rate at MTS N 4 Bantul is only 5%. One of the steps taken is through group counseling (Smith, 2011). Awareness of children to change habituation with integrated and directed monitoring.

Input from Mr. Supri: The theory may be old if there is no new theory. Statistics should not use multiple interpretations.

Input from Mr. Tejo:

Input from Mr. Bambang: For preliminary data regarding the real problem must appear. There is an inconsistency between the formulation of the problem and the purpose of the problem. Practically the problem is outside BK but the implementation of research in BK.

Presentation session by Mrs. Wuryantini

Input from Mr. Supri: It is necessary to have a clear formulation on the chosen research method.

Input from Mr. Tejo: CAR is not suitable because CAR does not develop a product/theory. PBL is a model not a method. If the method is specific to be able to develop the model. PBL has a syntax that's why it's called a model. In the theory quote, which is Indonesian but the quote is in English, so it needs to be investigated further. The discovery learning process is different from PBL because it is more towards discovery learning. So just delete the theory. Then added a detailed section on action scenarios.

Input from Mr. Alwi: There are two types of Problem Based Learning, namely models or approaches. In the application of PBL in leadership studies, the six thinking hats method is used, while for economics learning the PACED method is used. PBL when associated with motivation is not appropriate. Because PBL is more precisely to spur critical thinking. If you want to grow learning motivation, you can replace other models.

Input from Mr. Bambang: For preliminary data regarding the real problem must appear. There is an inconsistency between the formulation of the problem and the purpose of the problem. There is an unclear target

Title of Scientific Work: Increasing motivation and social studies learning outcomes through the Problem Based Learning learning model for Class IXA MTs N 4 Bantul students in the 2022/2023 academic year

Social studies learning achievement is still low due to more memorization skills than material understanding. In addition, students think that social studies subjects are not too important because they do not come out in ASPD. Low motivation when doing social studies learning by students. Mrs. Wuryantini took the Problem Based Learning (PBL) method with the hope that students could solve problems in their environment independently.

Presentation session by Ms. Ketty Astutty

Input from Mr. Supri: Problem identification still uses interrogative sentences, where problem identification should state a variable that has a problem.

Input from Pak Tejo: The title is too long, the background needs to be added to the literature review. For the formulation of the problem do not use the word "what". The method needs to be added in the action subsection more to the action.

Input from Mr. Alwi: Taxonomy of reading

Input from Mr. Bambang: For preliminary data regarding the real problem must appear. There is an inconsistency between the formulation of the problem and the purpose of the problem. It's better to compare fiction and non-fiction.

Title of Scientific Work: Application of Assignment Method by Giving Structured Assignments to Improve students' reading comprehension skills in fiction and non-fiction text material


The background of the research conducted by Ms. Ketty Astutty, namely the ability of students to master the learning material is not satisfactory, students are less interested in reading skills, and the result of an assumption that reading is boring is difficult to get satisfactory grades or results.