In the context of the welfare of its people, the government is obliged to manage and regulate existing resources, both natural resources and others for mutual benefit, as stated in the 1945 Constitution which also states that the earth, land, water and everything in them are used as much as possible. the amount is for the common interest, and the one who is entrusted with managing it is BUMN (State-Owned Enterprise). Given the magnitude of the responsibility of the BUMN itself, we can know the magnitude of the role of BUMN in the national economy because it controls and regulates all existing resources in a country.

If you look into the Indonesian economy, there are still many people who live below the poverty line, so SOEs here must care more about the small people. The era of globalization which is marked by free competition in which goods are free to enter and leave the country's borders means that small business actors in the country must be protected for the sustainability of their business. The role of SOEs in this era of globalization should be able to become trainers, facilitators, motivators, and strategic partners who are mutually beneficial to the people's economic activities whose people's business units on average are still classified as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). However, in modern times, globalization, and today's era of free competition, it is better if the framework between BUMN and MSMEs is designed in the form of professional cooperation, not social.

Based on the conditions described above, the Economic Education Student Association (HMPE) of UNY will hold a National Economic Seminar with the theme Optimizing SOEs Reflecting a People's Economy Towards an Independent Indonesia. , with speaker Anggito Abhimanyu, P.hD. (Former Head of Fiscal Policy / lecturer at FEB UGM), and Revrisond Baswir, Ph.D. (Expert in People's Economics / lecturer at FEB UGM). This National Seminar is open to undergraduate/D3 students from all universities and the public. For those who are interested in participating in this Semnas event, please contact the number 085743710507 (Guntoro) or tickets can be obtained at registration booths at the UNY, LIMUNY, and HIMA Ekonomi libraries. (stefano)