The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 demands strong 21st century skills. Communication skills, collaboration, critical and creative thinking are the keys in navigating the era of disruption. Unlike last year's KBMI, where representatives of the Economic Education study program who passed the funding consisted of a full team of students from the Economics Education study program. However, this year we are trying to develop more, the economic education study program collaborates with the Automotive Engineering study program with the theme of caring for the environment. The team consisted of Muhammad Dzaki Ardian (Automotive Engineering), Ravi Putera Jaya (Automotive Engineering), Bowo Sulistyo (Automotive Engineering), Dewi Eka Wulandari (Economic Education) and Ahmad Chafid Alwi, S.Pd., M. Pd (Supervisor from Economic Education) gave birth to the OEMAH PLASTIK business which has succeeded in recycling plastic with the hot press technique to be used as household appliance protection products. The philosophy of the house that protects the people in it is used as inspiration in creating products from plastic waste as a means of protecting families from accidents caused by household appliances. Currently, this team is in the process of producing a socket that is claimed to be safe for family members, by minimizing short circuits and safe from the reach of children.