The Economic Education Student Association (HMPE) of the Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (FE UNY) on Tuesday (17/4) held an Economic Study Forum (FSE) in the FE Hall UNY. This forum is an ongoing R&D program for HMPE FE UNY. The event received quite a lot of appreciation from students of the economics faculty as evidenced by the large number of participants. The Economics Study Forum carries the theme "Becoming a Rich Student" by presenting a resource person from the Economics Education Lecturer of FE UNY who also works as an entrepreneur, Drs. Supriyanto M, M. and Ova Tri Nugroho, a 2008 student from the Department of Economics Education, who has now been quite successful in developing a mini martabak business that already has several outlets.

The resource persons no doubt have a strong entrepreneurial spirit as evidenced by the success of the business they run. Ova herself told how she first got into the business world. His business career began in 2009 when Father Ova returned to the lap of the creator, from here his journey began. Inevitably he had to be able to pay for his own tuition because his father who became the backbone was gone. Since then he has been active in participating in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) both at the faculty level and at the University level. The ability to develop entrepreneurship is also growing. Now in the 8th semester, Ova herself can enjoy the results of her hard work while completing her Thesis research.

While Drs. Supriyanto, MM told that his career journey began when his parents stopped sending him every month for tuition fees. Inevitably Supriyanto also thought about how to be able to complete his studies at his own expense without sending from his parents. In short, now on the sidelines of his busy teaching, his business is still running and even growing, recently he has also run a boutique business which is now increasingly enjoyed by both young and old alike. That's a piece of the story of successful people who actually grew up from ordinary circles, but have a strong determination and burning belief. So don't be afraid to start your business from now on, even if it's still halal. Don't miss to follow the next FSE. Hello entrepreneur. (Magfiroh/Isti)