The Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta State University (FE UNY) on Wednesday (1/2) held a graduation ceremony for the period of January 31, 2012 at the Auditorium of FE UNY. This year's Judiciary has a unique Grade Point Average (GPA), namely the rank I GPA winner Osa Maya Kurniadani 3.63 ranking II Al Rifai 3.62 and ranking III Nor Aini Fadilla 3.61, all three of which are from the Department of Economic Education. The Yudisium was attended by 70 participants consisting of 26 people from the Department of Education, 36 people from the Department of Non-Education and 8 people from the Diploma III program. The Cumlaude Grade Point Average (GPA) other than those mentioned above were also achieved by; Mila Mayasari GPA 3.55 from the Department of Economics Education, Heni Enawati GPA 3.85 from the Management Department, Ajeng Cesari GPA 3.55 from the Accounting Department and Rr. Yektiana Habsari GPA 3, 53 from D3 Marketing Department. The event was attended by the Dean, Deputy Deans I, II and III, Chair of the Senate, Secretary of the Senate, Kajur/Kaprodi and Kabag/Head of Subdivision of FE UNY.

According to the Dean of FE UNY, Dr. Sugiharsono, M.Si. in his speech, he advised the judiciary participants that the struggle does not stop here. We still have a long way to go to achieve success, be it in finding a job or creating jobs. If we are able to create jobs, it means that we have also assisted the government in overcoming unemployment. That way we also do not depend on others.

In FE UNY, there are several majors that still lack teaching staff, so that if you are interested in becoming a lecturer, you can continue your study to postgraduate studies to get a master's degree because the minimum education level to become a lecturer must be a master's degree, he said.

Sugiharsono continued, I also hope that the alumni of FE UNY will always maintain a relationship with the faculty. So that after graduating, it is expected to immediately provide news of working in which agencies or companies or those who have not found work, also keep providing news to the faculty who knows we can help provide information on job vacancies and the best solutions for alumni. In addition, tomorrow in May there will be an alumni meeting as well as the formation of the FE UNY Alumni Association. (Isti)