Saturday (18/04) Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, UNY held a Final Project Acceleration Activity for class 2012 students. This activity is an annual work program of the Department of Economics Education with the target of 6th semester students who are taking Research Methodology courses and will soon write their final thesis. The purpose of this activity is to provide assistance in writing a thesis proposal draft for students so that they can complete their final project (thesis) and in turn complete their studies on time.

This activity was opened by the head of the Department of Economics Education Daru Wahyuni, M.Si and continued with the initial briefing by Dr. Sukidjo, M.Pd. Daru Wahyuni ​​said "through this final project acceleration activity the department will assist students starting from choosing a major theme, thesis title, to writing a thesis proposal draft. In this way students will be better prepared when they start writing thesis with their respective supervisors".

Participants in this activity were divided into 7 major research theme groups, namely Education, Teaching, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics (including Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Capital Markets), Indonesian Economy, and MSMEs, Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship. Of course, students will be more directed to take the theme of education and teaching because this field is indeed the "spirit" of the Department of Economics Education.

This activity was attended by approximately 105 students in 2012 with 7 accompanying lecturers, namely Dr. Sugiharsono, M.Si; Dr. Sukidjo, M.Pd.; Supriyanto, MM; Losina Purnastuti, Ph.D.; Daru Wahyuni, M.Sc.; Ali Muhson, M.Pd and Kiromim Baroroh, M.Pd. Students seemed enthusiastic in this final project acceleration event. (dby)