In order to carry out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, UNY Faculty of Economics lecturers and UNY Faculty of Sports Science collaborated on Community Service Program (PPM) activities in Gumblegan Village, Kalikotes District, Klaten Regency on Sunday, August 8, 2021. The three lecturers are Dr. Sulistiyono, M. Or, Martono, M. Or and Muh. Roestam Afandi, M. Ec. Dev. The PPM carried out took the title "Formation of a Football School (SSB) in the context of Optimizing the Role of Bumdes in Increasing Village Original Income (PAD)". As is well known, every village in Indonesia is expected to become an independent village through the establishment of the Bumdes. Seeing the potential of Gumblegan Village, the head of the service team, Dr. Sulistiyono, M. Or thinks that it is very unfortunate that this great potential cannot be managed properly.

“There is a football field here, there is a coach, there is an extraordinary enthusiasm of the people. It's a shame if it's not optimized. We must take immediate action on this.” he said during his speech.

The same thing was also expressed by H. Waloya as the Head of Gumblegan Village. According to him, this sufficient potential is difficult to explore because there has been no real action and he also conveyed his gratitude for the attention from UNY so that SSB was realized to increase PAD. There is also great hope that students who enter SSB Madangkara are not only limited to joining fame, but it must be proven by the birth of a new soccer star from Gumblegan Village.

“The field, human resources and the enthusiasm of the residents are big capital for us, it's just that the lack of action has been an obstacle so far in implementation. We really appreciate the presence of the UNY service team, we thank you very much to the service team, Mr. Sulis, Mas Martono and Mas Roestam for this extraordinary attention. Hopefully this is not just ceremonial but will give birth to football stars from Gumblegan Village. And one more thing we hope is that there will be follow-up activities as a form of assistance to us.” Said H. Waloya when giving a speech at the PPM event.

The PPM carried out is a PPM funded by the 2021 UNY DIPA Fund. It is hoped that all parties with the presence of this kind of funding can make a real contribution to the community in solving problems that exist in their area.