"Pursuit of Excellence”, became our motivational sentence for the Department of Economics Education in learning evaluation activities at the end of this even semester. All our gratitude goes to Allah SWT for the good achievements obtained by the Department of Economics Education. The first achievement that was obtained was "Best Lecturer" in the economics faculty version of the online assessment of economics faculty students achieved by Nenden Susilowati, M.Pd and in the top ten rankings, most of the lecturers of economics education were listed. This shows that learning services in the economics education department can be said to be in PRIMA conditions.

This achievement certainly strengthens the existence of the Faculty of Economics at the faculty level based on the evaluation of active students at the undergraduate level where the economics faculty is locatedranked first, followed by FMIPA, FIS, FIP, FBS, FT and FIK. This achievement is certainly obtained not only because of student achievements, but also from the solidarity of the academia majoring in Economics Education. Family-based communication and coordination as reflected in the evaluation meeting held at Warung Belik on June 1, 2018 yesterday.