The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the new order, including in research or research. Research is needed to provide solutions to problems in society. The pandemic period requires a creative researcher in conducting research processes. This is the background of the Economic Education Laboratory, Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, UNY, which held an online seminar with the theme Productive Researching in a Pandemic period. This activity was opened with remarks from the Dean of FE UNY, Dr. Siswanto M.Pd who stated that the Academic Community should still be able to carry out research, especially lecturers who also have obligations as the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. 

This activity presented two resource persons, the first speaker was Drs. Sudiman Bandiyo, MM as a research consultant, second resource person in the Hall Ahmad Hafidz Saiful Fikri, M.Si, Lecturer of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, UNY. This activity was attended by 182 people consisting of students, lecturers, teachers and the general public. "What will be done needs to be written down, and what has been done also needs to be written down," said Mr. Sudiman in explaining the material. In essence, researchers must be creative in conducting research. This was confirmed by Mr. Aula who stated that researchers must be able to sort and choose the theme and process of research activities during the pandemic, because it will affect the results of the research. Participants were enthusiastic in participating in the activity, this could be seen from actively responding and asking questions in the question and answer session during the activity.