1st Winner of the 2017 Capital Market Investment Games National Competition

Monday 17 April 2017 OJK DIY and the DIY Indonesia Stock Exchange held a national competition for 2017 capital market investment games in the Yogyakarta region. The activities took place at the OJK DIY office. Participants who took part in this event were students, students from various campuses such as UNY, UGM, UII, UPN, STIE YKPN, Mercu Buana and others, as well as the general public who were already working. is a stock playing simulation card game called stocklab designed by moneylab. The 1st place winner of this competition was won by Calixtus Chrisna Andhika, 2014 Economics Student. Besides winning 1st place, other Economics Education students also won the top 10, consisting of Maulana Irfandi, 2016 economic education student.